Episode 3

Black Space: Cultivating Identity and Community in Education

Lauren Snelling + Dori King

In this conversation, we sat down with Lauren Snelling and Dori King to discuss their experiences as parents and educators and the importance of storytelling in their respective fields. Lauren is child trauma psychotherapist/counselor, committed to disrupting systems in an effort to support Black children, and Dori is a children’s picture book writer, educator, and mindfulness practitioner. We learn about their experiences in creating spaces for Black children to explore their identities, the challenges they face in predominantly white institutions, and the need for agency and leadership among young people. They also touch on the joys and challenges of raising their own Black boys and how it informs their work. The importance of self-care and finding sustainable practices to thrive in the education system is also shared. This episode highlights the power of community, the importance of self-reflection, and the need for representation and affirmation for Black children.

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