Episode 2

Bringing a ‘tequio’ mindset to leadership

Arlene Mendoza

In this episode, we sit down with Arlene Mendoza, a dynamic leader in our community with 14 years experience in the tech space, who recently pivoted to Software Product Strategy/Management, and sits on the Board of Moran Consulting and Pacific School of Religion. She was invited to be a guest speaker in our Certificate in Wisdom-Based Leadership program, talking about creative communication, because of her success around transformational leadership and her passions at the intersection of spirituality, technology and innovation.

Arlene talks with us about her journey as a Latina in tech and her appreciation for the duality of culturalism.  She sheds light on integrating her commitments to justice, spirituality, and creativity and offers wisdom and inspiration for emerging leaders who may be feeling stuck in this moment. We also learn about the Oaxacan concept of ‘tequio’ in relation to the collective.

“With tequio, I didn’t realize it was a philosophy of my grandparents. I just thought it was a way of life. Every culture, every ancestral wisdom, has those nuggets of what some of our ancestors did that contributed, in some way, to improve the collective.”

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