Episode 4

Bringing Hope to Global Culture

Payhuan Shiao

What we consume, whether it’s the movies that we watch, the books we read, or the short social media videos we scroll through, it all feeds our minds and souls and informs our sense of reality at a very subliminal level. To Payhuan Shiao, Founder and CEO of Immortal Studios, and lineage holder of the 1000-year-old martial arts fantasy genre of Wuxia, content creation is the artform of providing nutrition for the mind and soul. Payhuan talks with us about awakening the xia (Hero) in us all, the changes he’s seeing in the current landscape of global popular culture, and how storytelling is a powerful catalyst to bring optimism and a hope for a better future that’s grounded in the improvement of our internal spiritual and physical condition. Born in the East and raised in the West, navigating both worlds, Payhuan explores the spiritual connection between the two, challenges the notion there’s a deep divide, and shares that there’s more connectivity than separation. Payhuan’s presence in the film and entertainment industry highlights the importance of Asian representation in these spaces,  and this episode challenges leaders to think about the evolved perspectives it takes to bring people closer together.

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