Episode 8

Community-First Leadership

Stephenie Wheeler

“How much would the world change if our leaders focused on community care first?” That’s what Stephenie Wheeler-Smith’s focus is in her social enterprise, We Deliver Care, that seeks to reimagine public safety in Seattle and widen the circle of human concern. As we sat down with Stephenie to hear more about her leadership approach, we learned it was the community she grew up with that has made the largest impact. It’s something she thinks is so crucial to leadership development, and in this episode she shares ways that young leaders can cultivate a strong community in their lives. She also talks about how she models a radical, but people-oriented depth of the experience that points to a thriving culture in her work and family.  This conversation reaffirms the importance of connection with the people we surround ourselves with and illustrates the gravity and levity in community-centered leadership.

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