Episode 2

Creating a Way Out of No Way

Dr. Jennifer R. Madden

On this episode, Mo King is joined by Dr. Jennifer Madden, the Dean of the School of Business at Linfield University in McMinnville, Oregon and the Author of Inter-Organizational Collaboration by Design that examines how collaborations can be designed and leveraged for innovation and rejuvenation, a concept she calls “Rejuvenative Innovation.” As a strategist, researcher, teacher, facilitator, and design thinker, Dr. Madden builds capacity for sustainable development. She talks about the power of the mind and thinking and creating a way out of no way. We find encouragement in what she shares about the importance of protecting your joy, not letting people talk you out of your power, and amplifying one’s ability to be in the spaces where you can be ready for the opportunity. This episode offers inspiration to all people to see themselves as designers, to adopt a new language, in order to see the world differently and visualize a way forward.

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