Episode 5

Daring to believe we can begin again

Kevin Sweeney

Can we do this again? Can we begin again? Can we keep moving forward after all of this? These are the questions Episode 5 answers with a wholehearted YES!
We sat down with Kevin Sweeney, the co-founder and curator of Imagine, an urban church in Honolulu that is welcoming of all people, sees imagination as the key to the future, and chooses substance over hype. He’s the host of podcast called “The Church Needs Therapy” and is the author of the book, “The Making of a Mystic” which will be out in 2022.
As a mystic, church planter, podcaster, and author, Kevin is committed to creating environments for creativity, cultural innovation, social healing, and personal transformation. He talks with us about his quest to find what’s real, what matters, and what we’re all doing here and shares how an amazing transformative moment at 18 years old set him on this trajectory.
We hear about his challenges leading a spiritual community and the creative ways he goes about meeting them. He also talks about how the seemingly opposite modes of hustle and contemplative care inform each other and work together in his life. He offers us potent medicine on how we need to allow whatever our communities looked like before the pandemic to die, so we can collectively be born again and midwife in this new moment together and encourages us to open our hearts again, to believe in the future, after so much loss.

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