Episode 7

Healing Your Inner Voice

Lisa Asedillo

Lisa Asedillo is the co-founder of New Day Church in the Bronx, New York, a vibrant, queer, anti-racist and boundary-crossing faith community.  As an ethicist, liturgist, and the Assistant Professor of Worship and Liturgical Ethics at Pacific School of Religion, Lisa’s leadership approach focuses heavily on personal introspection, community building, ritual, and creating safe spaces for marginalized people to make their voices heard when doing the work of justice. She shares how her mixed race heritage as a Filipina American, transnational upbringing, and queer identity has shaped her leadership style to be radically inclusive of others. We hear about the trust she’s rebuilt in herself and her inner voice to be confident enough to lead as her full, authentic self. This episode offers inspiration for spiritually rooted leaders who want to have a greater impact on marginalized communities!

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