Episode 5

How can creative communication help emerging leaders?

Kriselle Mendoza

In this episode we sit down with Kriselle Mendoza, writer and entrepreneur with a passion for sharing stories, connecting people, and empowering those from marginalized communities to go for their passions.  She’s also one of our very own, as our podcast editor, supporting platforming our Ignite community. Founder of Empowered in Color, a movement and podcast dedicated to helping people of color thrive in both business and in life, Kriselle’s passions are rooted in growing up in a primarily immigrant and town of people of color and going to college in a primarily white community that opened her eyes to micro-aggressions and injustices towards people of color.  She talks about how many people of color are raised to believe there are only certain pathways to success, and how it’s historically been more about survival than about promotions or becoming a CEO.  We hear about her work to change that, and how it’s all about representation and helping the community make the connections they need to get to where they want to go.  We’ve all heard advice and lessons from people talking about their experiences when they are so far removed from it, but here Kriselle shares her thoughts on creative communication and why it’s so important for those in the entrepreneurial and leadership spaces to “build in public”, talking not just about wins when you’re already successful, but about downfalls, fails, and lessons in that moment. This is what truly supports and celebrates the diversity and creativity of the people around us.  Kriselle’s work: https://www.empoweredincolor.co/  Instagram  @empoweredincolor

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