Episode 7

How can the Asian American community resist the model minority myth?

Liz Lin

On this episode we sit down with Liz Lin, the director and co-founder of PAAC and a senior fellow at Newbigin House of Studies in San Francisco. She’s also a writer and educator on the topics of race and culture with a PhD in clinical psychology.  With so much happening in this moment, and the rise in reporting of anti-asian hate and discrimination, this is an important conversation about what is needed in terms of our response right now, both within the Asian American communities and in our larger collective. We hear more about her journey into her current leadership role and the communities she’s part of building in the world. We also learn about how to dispel the model minority myth which refers to a minority group perceived as particularly successful, in ways that contrast with other minority groups.

Lin’s work: https://paachristians.org/

Podcast: https://anchor.fm/topfivepod

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