Episode 10

How can you center the wisdom of your communities?

La Mikia Castillo

On this Season 2 wrap episode, we continue the conversation on transformative leadership with @lamikiacastillo a powerful and inspiring Afro-Latina leader, born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. As a professor, consultant, and organizer over the last 20 years…a commitment to social justice, racial equity, and social change permeate every aspect of her personal and professional life.  We talk with her about how the twists and turns of her own personal journey set her up to make a unique difference in every aspect of her work and reflect on how seemingly symbolic victories in the work of justice can both help and harm the cause.  As a wisdom-based leader, La Mika also sheds light on a competency in this leadership framework; how and when collaboration becomes courageous. She also shares keys to being sustained in such challenging and meaningful work for the long haul.

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