Episode 5

Leading With Everyday Activism

Josh Buck

Josh Buck is an author, filmmaker, teacher, church planter, and faith-based entrepreneur. He’s the co-founder of Pax, a partner of Ignite, and an organization designed to inspire and equip the next generation through slow, beautiful, Jesus-centered content created by people of color. Holding a PhD in intercultural studies, focusing on the problem of racial violence, Josh is passionate about social justice. As a leader, ally, and new author of Everyday Activism, he encourages people to identify unjust systems they want to change, fight for those who are oppressed, respond in acts of compassion, and use their power, status, and privilege to empower others and dismantle corrupt systems. Through his new book and in our conversation, he lays out how his analysis and understanding of his personal faith is a blueprint for his leadership and shares actionable steps to take to help make meaningful change without feeling overwhelmed or burned out. We learn about the concept of Jubilee and what it takes for emerging and established leaders to faithfully live as activists committed to human flourishing and renewal one day at a time. If you’ve wanted to get involved in justice work but aren’t sure where to start, this conversation will inspire you on how to develop everyday habits to make the world a better place.

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