Episode 1

Meet Jalen Seawright, The New Host of Change Happens Now!

Jalen Seawright

Who is Jalen Seawright? Aside from being the fabulous new face and voice of Season 3 of Change Happens Now Podcast, Jalen is a young dreamer who wants to amass a lot of change in this world! He’s passionate about justice, watching people come together, and bridging gaps between communities that are different from each other. He’s an entrepreneur who started WeCollectively, a nonprofit working on that works on creating content, helping people grow in their empathy and understanding of each other. He’s a mentor and a figure in the lives of the kids and youth in his community. He’s also a father and husband!  In this Season 3 opening episode, our very own Jonathon Murillo sits down with our new host to talk about some of his origin story moments, those moments that really shaped who he is and got him to where he is now. He takes us through his journey of pain and possibility, starting at 14, an inflection point of his life, with the awkwardness, emergence, confusion, complexity, and fire that started in his heart back then, to begin to leverage his musical and artistic abilities to get into circles in places where he could amass change and make beauty out of spaces of difference. He also talks about his vision of justice, offers encouragement to our community of emergent leaders, and shares his hopes for Season 3!

“You don’t have to have it all figured out! There’s this expectation young leaders put on themselves, because we do feel a weight of the calling and we want to be able to thoroughly think through exactly what we want to accomplish. But I think that if we realize, and we understand that we’re all on a journey…I think we have to live in the moment. It’s not about what you have going on five years from now, while it’s great to dream and build, it’s really listening for the voice of the spirit to tell you and lead you to the next step. Don’t worry about the expectations of having to have it all figured out. Do it!”  Follow Jalen and his work on Instagram @seawright__

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