Episode 2

Navigating Christian Ethics in a Complex World

Dr. Traci West + Dr. Lisa Asedillo

Join us in this enlightening episode as our host, Mo King, delves into the intricate landscape of Christian ethics with esteemed scholars Dr. Traci West  and Dr. Lisa Asedillo. Dr. West is an author and Professor of Christian Ethics and African American Studies at Drew University Theological School. She offers profound insights into gender-based violence, intertwining race and religion, and the pivotal role of hope in facing global crises. Dr. Lisa Asedillo is an ethicist, liturgist, and currently serves as Assistant Professor of Worship and Ethics at Pacific School of Religion. She shares her passion for nurturing spiritually rooted leaders at PSR, emphasizing the importance of teaching methods and facilitating deep conversations in the classroom. Together, they explore critical topics such as religion, activism, ethics, and community leadership. We hear about the value of creativity and spirituality in navigating challenges, the need for solidarity and mutuality in liberation movements, and the importance of centering anti-racist perspectives in theology and ethics, Tune in as these scholars explore how faith transforms into tangible action and illuminates the path towards ethical living and social justice in today’s world. This episode offers faith leaders perspectives that inspire hope and ignite change.

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