Episode 6

Poetics in the Work of Justice

Drew Jackson, President + Co Founder of PAX

On this episode, we sat down with Drew Jackson, published poet and President/Co-Founder of Pax, a partner of Ignite. Drew is deeply engaged in anti-racism work, primarily in church contexts, and is actively involved with the work of peacemaking and multi-faith coalition building for the common good, both nationally and internationally. He talks about how he got into doing justice work by way of influence from his mother and shares an epiphany he had with his faith while in college, as it shaped his worldview and how he moves as a leader. He also talks about how the art of poetry has affected his leadership approach, encouraging him to show up in his work as his fullest and most authentic self.  This episode offers our community inspiration on maintaining the faith and sustaining in the hard work of justice.

Check out Drew’s Book of Poetry: God Speaks Through Wombs
Pre Order His Upcoming Book: Touch the Earth: Poems on The Way

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