Learning New Ways of Advocacy

In a global culture that has perpetuated sexual violence, and a recent shift to more people talking about it than ever before, how can we as leaders truly be in community with survivors of this kind of abuse? In our Season Finale, we sat down with Lydia Matioli, Program & Partnerships Director of Freely in […]

Summoning Radical Imagination

Co-designing is an ancient practice, and the world is experiencing a paradigm shift from designing for people to designing with people. We sat down with Dave Dawkins, communication design lead at IDEO.org, to talk about this change and the importance of summoning radical imagination in this time. For so many on the margins, it’s an […]

Being an Advocate for What is Possible

With everything happening in the world today in politics, cancel culture, and extreme barriers of division, Leland Melvin is helping to transform these ills by using his life story as an athlete, astronaut, scientist, engineer, photographer, and musician, to help inspire the next generation of explorers to pursue S.T.E.A.M. careers. Leland is the only person drafted into […]

Stewarding Spaces Through Profound Change

How do we support the writers, artists, and thinkers in our communities in times of profound change? Andrew Proctor, Executive Director of Literary Arts in Portland Oregon, sat down with us to answer this question and shared how he’s engaged the literary world for over twenty years in the governmental, for profit, and nonprofit sectors. Andrew also talks with […]

Letting Spirit Guide Us

How can Christian teachings, sacred text, and prophetic witness be brought to the issues calling for Love and Justice in our world today? Master educator, Rev. Tana Roseboro Marsh, Program Coordinator of Theological Education for Leadership (TEL) at PSR, sits down with us to answer that question through the lens of the TEL program. While actively working on […]

Embracing Our Past for a Better Future

How can we “sit on the porch” to help others slowly unfold what’s on their hearts and minds? How can we be findable for intergenerational conversations? On this episode, Mo sits down with Phyllis Drennon King Hildreth, VP of Strategy and Chief of Staff at American Baptist College in Nashville, Tennessee, small business owner, community […]

Bringing Hope to Global Culture

What we consume, whether it’s the movies that we watch, the books we read, or the short social media videos we scroll through, it all feeds our minds and souls and informs our sense of reality at a very subliminal level. To Payhuan Shiao, Founder and CEO of Immortal Studios, and lineage holder of the 1000-year-old martial […]

Staying in Beta as a Human Being

Former 76ers athletic trainer and author of the Red Rubber Ball series of books, Kevin Carroll, has turned his childhood passion for playing ball into a bestselling franchise. Since leaving Nike to create his own company, Katalyst, Kevin has dedicated his life to advancing sports and play as a vehicle for social change and success. As […]

Creating a Way Out of No Way

On this episode, Mo King is joined by Dr. Jennifer Madden, the Dean of the School of Business at Linfield University in McMinnville, Oregon and the Author of Inter-Organizational Collaboration by Design that examines how collaborations can be designed and leveraged for innovation and rejuvenation, a concept she calls “Rejuvenative Innovation.” As a strategist, researcher, teacher, facilitator, […]

Changing the World in Quiet Ways

On our Season 6 Premiere, new Host, Mo King, talks with award-winning writer, editor, and heart centered nonprofit/social enterprise professional, Dorcas Cheng-Tozun. Dorcas is the editorial director at Pax, a faith-based nonprofit that seeks to inspire people to be peacemakers and justice-seekers, and is the author of three books, the most recent being Social Justice […]

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