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Meet Mo!

Join Mo King in Season 6 for game changing conversations with the voices of social transformation!

Mo is an education and community advocate, currently in grad school at Pacific School of Religion. Professionally, his career has been in apparel production and commerce working for companies including Gap, Inc., The Limited, The Walt Disney Company, and Nike. Mo’s community and education advocacy has spanned schools, corporations, and nonprofit organizations. We’re thrilled to have Mo hosting this season!

In each episode, guests from our leadership collective share stories, insights, practices, and tools that prepare and empower leaders to enact social change in their personal lives, communities, and the organizations they serve.

This season we talk about the “Change Happening Now,” how people in our community are responding to and leading through it.


Victoria Rosales

Episode 3

In this episode we drop in with Victoria Rosales, holistic health coach, retreat leader, and community organizer. Founder of SHARED, a popup retreat and workshop space that exists to cultivate and support a conscious and wakeful community, her contemplative approach embraces ancient wisdom traditions and modern psychology to invite individuals into a life of wholeness. She’s also a consultant who partners with and trains organizations in contemplative spirituality and incorporating postures of silence and stillness toward individual and community wellness goals. In this episode she shares how she provides sustained support to the community, and offers practical invitations for the human spirit to be awakened to its true nature…one of wholeness, fortitude, and purpose.

You’ll be moved and inspired by her insights into self inquiry and interpersonal contemplative spirituality, which she shares is like an ancient technology that plays a key role in developing an inner witness, that allows us to see with clear eyes and clear perspective what needs to change.


Instagram: victoria_rosales

Rev. John Vaughn

Episode 4

On this episode our President, Rev. Dr. David Vásquez-Levy Levy, sits down with Rev. John Vaughn, who currently serves as the Executive Pastor of the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Previously, Rev. Vaughn served as the Executive Vice President at Auburn Theological Seminary, a national leadership development and research institute that equips leaders of faith and moral courage for multifaith movements for justice. Prior to Auburn, Rev. Vaughn served as the program director for the Twenty-First Century Foundation, in Harlem, New York, advancing strategic giving for Black community change, and has served as the Executive Director of the Peace Development Fund, which provides funding, training and assistance for grassroots peace and justice community organizing throughout the United States and select countries internationally.

Here, Rev. Vaughn casts light on showing up in partnership for the collective by being authentically who we are and recognizing the breadth of spirituality that is present in any group, and speaking to that in ways that affirm the power of the divine. He also talks about the importance of action and that this is a spirituality grounded in that action. It’s truly about telling our stories with such clarity and conviction that it invites others to share as well! 

Kriselle Mendoza

Episode 5

In this episode we sit down with Kriselle Mendoza, writer and entrepreneur with a passion for sharing stories, connecting people, and empowering those from marginalized communities to go for their passions.  She’s also one of our very own, as our podcast editor, supporting platforming our Ignite community. Founder of Empowered in Color, a movement and podcast dedicated to helping people of color thrive in both business and in life, Kriselle’s passions are rooted in growing up in a primarily immigrant and town of people of color and going to college in a primarily white community that opened her eyes to micro-aggressions and injustices towards people of color.  She talks about how many people of color are raised to believe there are only certain pathways to success, and how it’s historically been more about survival than about promotions or becoming a CEO.  We hear about her work to change that, and how it’s all about representation and helping the community make the connections they need to get to where they want to go.  We’ve all heard advice and lessons from people talking about their experiences when they are so far removed from it, but here Kriselle shares her thoughts on creative communication and why it’s so important for those in the entrepreneurial and leadership spaces to “build in public”, talking not just about wins when you’re already successful, but about downfalls, fails, and lessons in that moment. This is what truly supports and celebrates the diversity and creativity of the people around us.  Kriselle’s work:  Instagram  @empoweredincolor

TC Carrier

Episode 6

On this episode, our Executive Director, Byron Chung, sits down for a deep conversation with TC Carrier, a heart-centered leader, author, entrepreneur, and spiritual teacher who lectures and carries out workshops globally. Founder of House of Sacred Harmony, offering metaphysical products, art made to raise consciousness, and enlightenment to be used in conjunction with his magical teachings and writings, TC brings ancient Egyptian wisdom traditions forward to heal community. He’s the author of 7 books and has appeared on the ‘Steve Harvey Morning Show’ as well as ‘The Dr Phil Show’ speaking about relationships. He talks with us about his passion working with the heart’s capacity to override the mind and how our leadership and life can benefit from tuning into this frequency. He also sheds light on the hero’s path, the energetics of the heart, and his approach to Courageous Collaboration, one of the three components of our Wisdom-Based Leadership framework. We also learn about the gems he sees in his own children, in their 20s, the gifts of their generation and the Junebug dance craze that went viral!   To learn more about TC’s work, visit :  Instagram: frequeofnature

Liz Lin

Episode 7

On this episode we sit down with Liz Lin, the director and co-founder of PAAC and a senior fellow at Newbigin House of Studies in San Francisco. She’s also a writer and educator on the topics of race and culture with a PhD in clinical psychology.  With so much happening in this moment, and the rise in reporting of anti-asian hate and discrimination, this is an important conversation about what is needed in terms of our response right now, both within the Asian American communities and in our larger collective. We hear more about her journey into her current leadership role and the communities she’s part of building in the world. We also learn about how to dispel the model minority myth which refers to a minority group perceived as particularly successful, in ways that contrast with other minority groups.

Lin’s work:


Ashlee Sikorski

Episode 8

On this episode we drop in with Ashley Sikorski, of Sway Leadership. Sway serves leaders and their teams in developing emotional health and intelligence to create a culture of humanity in their organizations and through their work. In this conversation, we talk about the power of listening, the power of tending to our inner person as leaders, and why it’s important to bring our teams in on that work. We hear about the importance of doing the hard work of self-awareness in our own formation and about the trap of trend that even those most committed to emotional intelligence can still fall into. This episode provides timely encouragement with how to move forward as a leader committed to cultivating this kind of culture in your organization.

Areej Masoud + Reverend Michael Yoshii

Episode 9

On this episode, Byron Chung, our Executive Director, sits down with two phenomenal leaders in our community. Areej Masoud, a Christian-Aramean Palestinian, born and currently living in Bethlehem. Areej is justice oriented, takes action towards change through the faith-based communities she belongs to, and is passionate in raising awareness and promoting Palestinians’ struggles through local and public speaking events. Based on her experience in communication, development and advocacy, Areej is working on an online based startup in branding, communications and social media marketing in hopes she can help other startups rise, despite the economic restrictions the occupation forces upon Palestinians.

Reverend Michael Yoshii received the Pacific School of religion Distinguished Alumni Award in 2002, recognizing his pastoral leadership and social justice activism, including work on local racial justice issues, LGBTQ equity, and affordable housing activism. In post retirement Ministry, he serves on the International Committee for human rights in the Philippines Global Council, and is a co chair of the Friends of Wadi Foquin, a partnership started in 2009 through Michael’s previous congregation and other United Methodist Churches with the Palestinian village of Wadi Foquin located southwest of Bethlehem on the green line.  Wadi Foquin is a small and actually somewhat obscure village — but is emblematic of much of the West Bank Palestinian agricultural/farm reality.  It’s a microcosm of the larger Palestinian reality. Michael first met Areej in Bethlehem on one of his trips to the region, and a their connection has been fortified through solidarity.

Areej and a cohort of emerging interfaith and cross sector leaders recently completed our Wisdom-Based Leadership Certificate program. In this conversation they share about that experience and provide a firsthand telling of what it looks like to create social transformation in the midst of the Palestinian reality.

La Mikia Castillo

Episode 10

On this Season 2 wrap episode, we continue the conversation on transformative leadership with @lamikiacastillo a powerful and inspiring Afro-Latina leader, born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. As a professor, consultant, and organizer over the last 20 years…a commitment to social justice, racial equity, and social change permeate every aspect of her personal and professional life.  We talk with her about how the twists and turns of her own personal journey set her up to make a unique difference in every aspect of her work and reflect on how seemingly symbolic victories in the work of justice can both help and harm the cause.  As a wisdom-based leader, La Mika also sheds light on a competency in this leadership framework; how and when collaboration becomes courageous. She also shares keys to being sustained in such challenging and meaningful work for the long haul.

Cliff Berrien

Episode 1

On this episode, we are joined by Cliff Berrien, an amazing heart centered leader with over 40 years of experience as a professional drummer and percussionist, DJ and music educator. His passion is studying cultural expressions of collective joy and sharing that with the world to teach cultural dexterity and contemplative spirituality. He does so most often as a member of the Program Design Team at Center for Action and Contemplation as Curator of Contemplative Practice. Here, he answers the big question – Why do conversations on race matter in organizations committed to the flourishing of all?

We hope you enjoy! If you find this meaningful and helpful, please consider sharing with a loved one or a colleague. Visit/Message Cliff at CAC at :

Vivian Mabuni

Episode 2

On this episode, we drop in with Vivian Mabuni, national speaker, writer, wife, mom, Christian, and cancer survivor, whose different worlds influence who she is and how she leads in big ways. She shares her journey in coming to terms with her Asian American identity and applying her cultural background to how she leads, as well as being cognizant of how others from different backgrounds may lead. We learn how to take notes from more collectivist cultures in how we lead and how we can be more considerate of others we are working within our organizations. She also talks about her joys in hosting Someday Is Here, her brand-new podcast created for Asian American women on leadership and culture.

Check out her Books: Warrior in Pink,  Open Hands Willing Heart

Listen to her Podcast: Someday is Here

Check out her website



Twitter: @vivmabuni

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