LOVE IT! This is the podcast that I always wanted to listen to but didn’t know it existed! A blend of depth, spirituality, and leadership.

-Olivia SFTS


TIMELY! Love how this podcast empowers voices from the emerging generation of leaders around topics of justice, spirituality, and social change!

- Aizaiah Yong


The conversations we need! So grateful for these powerful conversations in this moment.

- A Fan From Portland

Meet Mo!

Join Mo King in Season 6 for game changing conversations with the voices of social transformation!

Mo is an education and community advocate, currently in grad school at Pacific School of Religion. Professionally, his career has been in apparel production and commerce working for companies including Gap, Inc., The Limited, The Walt Disney Company, and Nike. Mo’s community and education advocacy has spanned schools, corporations, and nonprofit organizations. We’re thrilled to have Mo hosting this season!

In each episode, guests from our leadership collective share stories, insights, practices, and tools that prepare and empower leaders to enact social change in their personal lives, communities, and the organizations they serve.

This season we talk about the “Change Happening Now,” how people in our community are responding to and leading through it.


Kriselle Gabriel

Episode 1

Meet our new Host! @Krisellemg is a writer and entrepreneur with a passion for sharing stories, connecting people, and empowering those from marginalized communities to go for their passions. She’s also the founder of @EmpoweredInColor, a movement and podcast dedicated to helping people of color thrive in both business and in life. In this Season 4 opening episode, our very own Jonathon Murillo sits down with our new host to talk about her work, her unique vantage point, and her hopes for the season!

Dr. Kit Ford

Episode 2

On this episode, we sit down with national trainer, spiritual director, and professor, Dr. Kit Evans-Ford, founder of Argrow’s House. She shares how she was able to live out her calling in life by combining her love of ministry and serving female survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence with social entrepreneurship. We hear about her own healing journey and the nurturing community/social enterprise she created to help others through their healing process to achieving social and economic vitality. She offers our community inspiration on creating something that’s deeply connected to who you are and practical wisdom on how to move forward with purpose.

*Argrow’s House is a safe space where free services are offered daily for women healing from violence and abuse. Services range from domestic violence support group, spiritual direction, art therapy, massage therapy, and more. To learn more or donate, visit:

Nivi Achanta

Episode 3

On this Episode, we sit down with @niviachanta, writer, speaker, and founder and CEO of @soapboxproject. With a passion for sustainability, social justice, and all things tech, Nivi helps people create positive social impact in the world. She shares her origin story, and talks about building community around climate justice, and how busy people can truly tackle issues they care about! She also shares inspiration with our leadership community on how to find hope in the beauty of small acts of service adding up.

Jonathan Dumas

Episode 4

On this Episode we have a conversation with Jonathan Dumas, founder and owner of @commonculturecc. As an Organizational Psychologist and Leadership Coach, Jonathon works with organizations to create more equitable and inclusive work environments. He talks with us about why he started his consulting business, reclaiming parts of himself on the journey, and what it takes to be a culturally conscious leader. We hear about his podcast @rtwdpodcast, why leaders should create space for their teams to be unafraid of failure, and the importance of finding support and resource in community.

Dr. Jessica Taylor

Episode 5

What does it look like to reclaim taking up space, standing firm in your capabilities? Dr. Jessica Taylor, CEO and founder of Leadership Training Initiative, sat down with us to share what it looks like on her journey, awakening agency, saying “No,” and kindly rejecting what is not for her. She talks about reclaiming one’s value in the workplace, especially as women of color, and what equitable leaders actually look like. We hear about the long term gain of having internal check-ins and making sure we’re engaging our teams and organizations out of a thriving wholeness rather than obligation. Our community also receives inspiration on what it means to protect one’s peace and about the impact self-work has on future generations.

Jonathon Murillo

Episode 6

On this Episode, we sat down with friend of the podcast and Ignite’s very own Jonathon Murillo. Through his experience in community and organizational development and spiritual formation, Jonathon has developed a deep commitment to social transformation through meaningful work. He guides leaders, culture creators, and change makers into moments of epiphany and meaningful action through his work as a coach, consultant, speaker, and Director of Strategy and Content for Ignite. Jonathon talks with us about what leadership in the workplace needs to look like in the 21st century and how our innovative Wisdom-Based Leadership framework brings community into dialogue with the wisdom of our spiritual and cultural traditions and marginalized voices. We hear about some major shifts he has seen in his work with the social impact-oriented leaders taking our course, from where they started to where they are today as more courageous, creative and contemplative leaders that our moment needs. It’s a new way to lead, offering practical tangible skills to collaborate, communicate, and to care effectively.

Dr. Patrick Reyes

Episode 7

On this episode, we sit down with Dr. Patrick Reyes, author of The Purpose Gap and Nobody Cries when We Die.  As the Senior Director of Learning Design at The Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE),  inspiring young people to explore their passion, purpose, and calling, Patrick oversees learning and resource development around vocational exploration, leadership, and innovation. He shares his personal story, professional journey, and how he wrote both of his books for communities of color to have a better understanding of why our dreams may not come to fruition as easily as others.  We learn about the purpose gap that exists when people don’t have access to the resources and opportunities to fulfill their purpose in life, and how the voices and spirits from our lives are the reason the gap closes for some and widens for others. He talks about his own upbringing in California’s Central Valley, and how people like his abuela, Carmen, encouraged him to keep going through his academic career even when many within these institutions made him feel like he shouldn’t. This episode is about the adversities many first-generation scholars of color experience in their journeys, and it reminds us all that we have the backing of our ancestors “carrying forward their spirit and fire of survival.”

Heidi Lepe

Episode 8

On this episode we sat down with Heidi Lepe, a Honduran-Mexican writer, theologian, and storyteller from West Los Angeles. As the founder of Brown Beloved Co., a collective space at the intersection of faith, raíces (cultural roots), and justice, her work centers on the spirituality and liberation of Brown women, the Brown church, and Latine/x communities in the U.S.  Heidi is also a current student at Duke University Divinity School, pursuing her Master of Divinity degree, and she shares what it has been like for her as a Latina woman in seminary. This conversation explores what liberation could look like for communities of color, when we decolonize what most of us have been taught about Christianity, and center those voices instead.

Nikole Lim

Episode 9

Nikole Lim is a speaker, educator, freelance filmmaker, author of Liberation Is Here, and Founder/International Director of Freely In Hope, an organization that supports and is led by survivors of sexual violence in Kenya and Zambia. We had a conversation with Nikole about the true meaning of allyship, what we all need to do to support survivors, and the role of faith-based institutions in both helping and hindering this work. We continue to explore this season’s theme of the reclamation of agency and faith for marginalized people, no matter where you are in the world.

If your organization is interested in partnering with Freely in Hope to create a more equitable and supportive environment for survivors and other marginalized groups alike, please reach out to the Freely in Hope team:

Danielle Hawthorne

Episode 10

A recurring theme we’ve seen throughout this season has been the importance of rest. On this episode, we sat down with Danielle Hawthorne, VP of Programs at Code2040 just after her three-month sabbatical. Danielle shares how she was able to reset and refresh herself, her spirituality, and her work with Code2040, a people of color Organization that serves to mobilize the largest racial equity community in tech. As the leader of a team that equips Black and Latinx technologists to be racial equity advocates in their careers, communities, and on their college campuses, she shares how important and how much of a privilege it is to be able to take time off in a world that rewards the hustle. Danielle also offers inspiration on how marginalized communities can still renew themselves and their spirits in the day-to-day. This is a soulful message every leader needs to hear.

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